What Is BMW Xdrive?

15. September 2017 BMW Blog 0
What Is BMW Xdrive?

BMW Xdrive is the official brand name for the all drive system that features on various contemporary BMW vehicles. Unlike the conventional permanent torque split that was available in the previous BMW models, the Xdrive has been designed to provide a changing torque power in between the front and rear axles, through the use of special multi plates and clutches that are positioned on the drive shaft and gearboxes of the vehicles.

How it works

The special set up of the BMW XDrive allows it to regulate the torque split in between the rear and front axles of the vehicle; that is often split into specific percentages. As a result, if the Xdrive system detects any slips are occurring in the wheel system, it will redistribute the torque to ensure optimal delivery of power on the vehicle axles. All BWM x6 car models come with the Xdrive system integrated, unlike the various BMW flagship car models.

It’s important to note that the xDrive is connected through the use of special DSC and ABS systems. If any directional instability or perhaps any wheel spins occurs when the Xdrive system is ion operation, the DSC system will be used to enhance the directional stability further and enhance the vehicle traction as well.


The xDrive is available on various BMW car models including the X5, X6, X3 and the X1 as well. Besides that, this system is also an optional addition in various models such as the six series and the five series as well. BMW has over the years enhanced the functionality of their xDrive cross its various flagship car models to make the BMW car model better competitor to other car models as well. It’s important to note that the Xdrive system was launched in 2003, and it was featured on the BMW X3 and the E46 3 series model as well.

Dynamic Performance Control

One important aspect of BMW`s dynamic performance is the what is referred to as the DPC system. To be specific, this DPC system is a chassis and drive train control system, which is used to mitigation the traction and especially in slippery or wet conditions for optimal distribution of torque and traction as well. Furthermore, the DPC system works at all speeds and conventional driving. Along with the DPC, the Xdrive system works to improve the vehicle’s path and it uses special torque vectoring mechanics to provide excellent turns.

More so, the DPC differential also comes with a special clutch system that is positioned on both torque output sides and are regulated through the use of a special electrical motor.

Predecessor 4WD system

Prior to the launching of the X drive system, the 4WD system was the only option for enhancing torque and traction for BMW vehicles. This 4WD system delivered a constant system torque split that averaged at 38:62 on both axles. More so, the rear and the center differential comprised of special locking mechanism that would be automatically triggered if the car lost traction or perhaps when in slippery conditions.

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