Top 3 BMW Motorcycles In 2016

14. March 2017 BMW Blog 0
Top 3 BMW Motorcycles In 2016

Many of you indeed appreciate the fact that one of the most reliable motorcycle brands is the BMW brand. BMW motorcycles are preferred by most people since they are considered to be some of the best performing and durable motorcycle brands in the market today.

Be that as it may, the challenge that most of you might be facing is selecting the best BMW bike from the wide range of bikes available in the market. You see, the thing is BMW has over the years managed to put out many brands out there and as such, you might experience some difficulty in identifying the best brand for you. We have prepared a list of three BMW motorcycle brands that we believe constitute the top 3 brands for 2016.

S 1000 RR

Most of you will indeed agree that any discussion on the best BMW bikes would definitely commence with a mention of the S 1000 RR. Launched in 2009, the 1000 RR is considered one of the most iconic brands from the company. The 1000 RR is essentially a sports bike and it is most often than not considered the pioneer sports bike from the company. At 199 BHP, the 1000 RR is also one of the most powerful sports bikes in the market. The high power combined with its low body weight of only 449 lbs makes the S 1000 RR one of the best performing bikes in the market.

S 1000 R 

Despite the natural appeal of the sports bike, many of you might be interested in a road bike that is designed for day to day use. Well the S 1000 R is perhaps the best road bike from BMW. The 1000 R might not have the credentials of the more powerful 1000 RR but nonetheless, this road bike packs an impressive 157 BHP which makes it sufficiently powerful for a road bike. The bike also features a distinctive and agile look that gives an almost sporty look. We believe that functionality is one of the most important aspects that buyers have to consider when purchasing a road bike. The 1000 R features a comfortable seating position that serves to enhance the overall comfort of the rider especially on long distance cruises.

R nine T

The third motorbike from BMW stable that we consider among the top three bikes for 2016 is the R nine T. The R nine T is not designed as a fast cruiser but an overall analysis of the bike reveals that the R nine T is one of the best long distance cruisers in the market. For instance, the upright seating position which is one of the most distinctive features of the bike enables you to cruise for long distance without hurting your back. The bikes engine power of 110 brake horsepower is also ideal for moderate cruising. Finally, the uniqueness of the R nine T is underscored by its overall retro appearance that will definitely ensure that you are able to stand out from the crowd. You can also search online for more details about this motorcycle.

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