How To Program A Bmw Key

How To Program A Bmw Key

We would like to introduce you to easy steps to program a BMW key.

How well do you keep your key handy? Do you constantly lose your car keys? Well here is a simple option for you. That will not only safe tons of money, but will save you an enormous amount of aggravation. 

People are so busy now a days that things get lost on a daily basis. However, losing your keys should not be one of them, especially if you are going to be late for work. Therefore, there is only one option to have more than one key. These steps are a easy and affordable way to program a BMW key. These keys cost a ton of money to replace, so why not be able to do this for yourself. This will cause less stress, money, and the aggravation of being locked out of your precious car. You will never be locked out of your car again, because you will have tons of spares.

Are you a mother or a teacher that have plenty of children to deal with and cannot seem to find anything? Then these steps can definitely help you. 

How to Program A BMW Key

All methods require starting out with a blank key.

You can purchase the blank key at a BMW dealership. Programming a BMW key takes less than twenty minutes.

Get in the Car:

Before anything else you have to get inside the car. This will allow the electronic signals to remain inside the car. You are to be sitting on the driver’s side. You would want to insert your working key into the ignition. Next, turn the key to the first position. Then after five seconds turn the key back to the initial position. After turning the car off remove the key. The Blank key is now ready for set up.

Is this step easy for you?

Programming the New BMW Key:

In this process you are to hold the blank key at the top of the car. On the left side of the dashboard. On the left side of the dashboard is the antenna. This allows for a better reception point. The you are going to hold the unlock button and the lock button. You are going to hold down the unlock button while pressing the lock button three times. The doors should unlock. Once the doors have unlocked the key is ready to use.

This is a simply step so that you do not need to have a professional key made.

Knowing how to program your own BMW key will save money at the store. Also, having an extra key will do great if you are someone that loses things easily.

Do you think that you will ever lose your key again? Is having only one key a thing of the past?

Quick Note:

Any transponder chip for the immobilizer (starting of car) will need to be done by a professional. This cannot be done as simple as the key.

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