How To Become A BMW Mechanic

How To Become A BMW Mechanic

If you are passionate about high-end, precision-engineered machines, a BMW mechanic might be the right career path for you. Becoming a BMW licensed mechanic can give you the sort of skills, experience, and expertise of the famed auto giant automotive systems and unique service methods that auto dealers look for in their technicians. Here are 6 key steps to becoming a BMW mechanic:

Familiarize Yourself With the Duties

So you want to be a BMW Mechanic, do you know the job description? And do you know the academic credentials required to enter this specialty? The duties of a BMW mechanic revolve around repairing and replacing defective BMW auto parts as well as performing routine and preventive maintenance on BMW vehicles. You will work on the BMW range of automobiles from the popular BMW series 3 model to the to the high-tech BMW-7 Series.

Get a High School Diploma

Getting a high school diploma is a key requirement to those aspiring to be mechanics according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Taking an electrical and electronics class in high school will give you a head-start in your mechanic career. Courses in mathematics, physics, and geometry will be very helpful when dealing with BMW precision parts while a good comprehension of written and spoken English will enable you to understand the complex language used in BMW owner manuals and other complex instructions you will inevitably encounter.

Get Postsecondary Training in Automotive Technology

After getting a high school diploma, you should consider taking a formal automotive technology course to get in-depth knowledge in automotive diagnostic technology. Most community colleges and technical trade schools in your area will likely be offering a certificate in automotive mechanics. Strive for a 100% attendance in this course as BMW considers not only your grade but also your attendance record when vetting candidates for admission into its apprenticeship program. Also, check whether BMW offers cooperative training in your particular college, if they do, take part in it as that could increase your odds of landing apprenticeship.

Land an Apprenticeship

Once you have gotten your mechanic certificate, you can apply for an entry-level position to boost your work experience. A position in an auto service shop or a repair garage will give you enough familiarity to confidently repair vehicles, but getting an on-the-job training with BMW dealership shops will make you more attractive to BMW dealers.

Obtain ASE Certification

The National Institute for Automatic Service Excellence (ASE) certifies qualified automotive mechanics using a full range of certification options ranging from brake and electronics systems to engine performance and suspension. You will be required to have at least two years experience to get any of these certifications. You will also be required to successfully pass a written exam. Obtaining ASE certification will show your experience and expertise to potential employers.

Complete a BMW Mechanic Training Program

BMW offers two different auto training programs, the BMW Step Program and the shorter BMW FastTrack Program. Graduating from any of these programs, especially the intensive BMW Step program will show your outstanding expertise to prospective employers. In addition to the program, you will need to take an exam and attend a personal interview to earn BMW licensure. After graduating, you will get a guaranteed job offer at a BMW dealership shop or center.

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