BMW Shareholder Structure

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BMW Shareholder Structure

BMW stands for (German for Bavarian Motor Works). Shareholders own a stock and claim to the BMW Company. They were either giving it as an heir or worked for it. There are people that own a stake in the company and then there are investors in the company.

Owning A Stake

Stefan Quandt is one of the riches people in Germany. He owns a stake of 17.4% is the BMW company. He has a net worth of just over a eleven billion dollars. He was born in 1966, in Bad Homburg. He received the BMW shares from his father, Herbert Quandt. Currently he is deputy chairman of the supervisory board of BMW. His father saved the BMW company from bankruptcy in 1959. His family is classified as one of the most wealthiest families in the world, as his mother and sister also have shares in the BMW company.

Johanna Quandt

Johanna Quandt is Stefan Quandt mother. Her BMW share percent is 16.8. Johanna Quandt was born in Berlin in 1926. She married Herbert Quandt in 1960. She was deputy chairwoman on the supervisory board of BMW until 1997. She took this seat that was previously her husband’s after he died. She died at the age of eighty-nine. Even though she has died her stake of the BMW company will remain in the Quandt family.

Susanne Klatten is Stefan Quandt sister. Her percentage of BMW shares total 12.6. Beating her brother out her net worth is valued just over sixteen billion. She was born in 1962. She is the richest woman in Germany. She not only inherited some of her fathers stock from the BMW company, but also from his pharmaceuticals and chemicals business. She got married in 1990.

The Quandt family together owns 46 percent of the stake. This family does not like to be in the media as they do not give interviews. Stefan and Johanna siblings also have stakes in companies their father had acquired making them multi-billionaires.

The other people that have stake in the company all have 5% each. The total percentage of free floats in the BMW company totals 53.3.

Investors Within the Company

Strategic Investors make up 46.7% of the BMW companies investors. Strategic investors help raise capital and credibility of a company. Individuals also have a stake in this as they invest to gain steady returns.

Institutional Investors make up 39.7% of the companies investors. An institutional investor is a non bank or organization that trade stocks in a company for it’s own investors. North America has the most stake in the institutional investment of the BMW company. Germany where the Quandt family lives only has a 3.5% stake claim.

Other investors have 13.6 percent stake in the BMW company.

BMW is a German luxury vehicle, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. The company was originally founded in 1917. Then before the company could go bankrupt in 1959 Herbert Quandt purchased it. The Quandt family took the company into what it is today. Having changed the concept entirely from building just engines to vehicles and motorcycles. Selling product all over the world BMW is ranked at the top in International distribution.


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