Best BMW Motorcycle Model

23. November 2017 BMW Blog 0
Best BMW Motorcycle Model

Choosing the best motorcycle from the market can be hard at times. Different bikes offer different gains to various individuals. What works for you may not be the best for the other person. We, therefore, took an extra mile to help you choose. And after you check out what we have to say about these best BMW motorcycles, you will find it easier selecting your preferred model.

BMW K1200GT   

This second generation BMW motorcycle was introduced in 2006. It is different from all the other models. It features BMW’s latest frame a four-cylinder engine. The engine is much faster, and it is a more stable motorcycle that offers more luxury. This model comes along with adjustable heated seated. The bike has the best brakes to provide you a comfortable ride than ever before. One of the first excellent thing about this bike is that it features a GPS navigation system.


When it comes to long distance touring, then the BMW F800ST is one of the best. It is an excellent choice short seat for short riders. The bike features two cylinders with an 85 horsepower engine output. With a single press of the left bar button, the rider can dial through data on the go. It has a windscreen that provides excellent protection. It is equipped with an on-board computer and heated grips making it the best choice. This model comes with a 16-liter gas tank helps in its light-weight.

BMW K1300S

The BMW is popular for its use of technology in its motorcycles. The K 1300 S is not different either. It can do better than liter-bikes and still maintain the capacity to carry stuff and a side-seat across countries. The bike has an excellent ergonomics, wind protection, and the Duolever suspension adding to its size. If you want a motorcycle that can carve a corner like a middleweight sports bike, then this is your choice.

BMW K1200S

The K1200S has a low weight and very responsive chassis that assists it to deliver better handling in any situation. It features a four-cylinder inline engine and an integrated knock control. The tank of the cylinder tilts forward to guarantee a low center of gravity and making it an ideal wheel load distribution achievable. Its engine has an exceptional design and an innovative front wheel suspension. If you are looking to purchase one, then choosing this cannot be a wrong.


This is one of the rare bikes you can get to buy. It features a semi-active suspension. It has a reduced weight of HP4 379 pounds that give it the benefit of stopping acceleration. This is one like you will like because it has the ability change directions more without difficulty. This is one of the bikes that is less physically demanding when it comes to riding.

The BMW offers the best motorcycle models with a wide a range of features. For short riders, the BMW models are the best choice. If you are short, then this is your type of bike, since it offers low seats.

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